Getting Neo4jPHP working with CodeIgniter 2

This post is based heavily off of Integrating Doctrine 2 with CodeIgniter 2. I haven't tested it myself, so please use it as a starting point and let me know if I should update anything.

Here are the steps to get Neo4jPHP set up as a CodeIgniter 2 library:
  1. Copy the 'Everyman' folder to application/libraries
  2. Create a file called Everyman.php in application/libraries
  3. Copy the following code into Everyman.php:
    class Everyman
        public function __construct()
        public function autoload($sClass)
            $sLibPath = __DIR__.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR;
            $sClassFile = str_replace('\\',DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR,$sClass).'.php';
            $sClassPath = $sLibPath.$sClassFile;
            if (file_exists($sClassPath)) {
  4. Add the following line to application/config/autoload.php:
    $autoload['libraries'] = array('everyman');

This is actually a generic autoloader that will attempt to autoload any namespaced class under application/library where the class name matches the file path.