A PHP client library for the Neo4j REST server.


A lightweight model layer for PHP applications and a some utility classes. Also a few helpful Zend plugins.


A Javascript port of the popular 2-dimensional physics library, Box2D. Based off of Jonas Wagner's port, and repackaged as a Common JS module, for use with nodejs.


In-browser, real-time multi-player air hockey. A tech demo of box2dnode on the server, and canvas and websockets on the client.

PHP Shunt

A PHP library that dynamically generates wrapper classes that provide access to the wrapped class's protected methods. It can be combined with many popular unit testing frameworks to facilitate testing of non-public methods of a class.


A PHP library for overriding PHP built-in functions (rand(), time(), etc.) It allows test writers to control the output of indeterminate function calls, making it easy to write tests of code that use such call. It can be combined with many popular unit testing frameworks, and makes a great compliment to the PHP Shunt library.


A Python library for communication with the iContact API v2 (documentation and info available on the developer portal). Mainly a vehicle for learning some Python, but may be useful to someone.