About Me

My name is Josh Adell. I have been a full-time software developer since 2004, with 2 years of part-time experience before that and 5 years of own-time experience before that. I currently live in Durham, NC, working mainly on back-end systems in PHP and SQL.

On my own time, I enjoy puttering around with new technologies, reading about pretty much anything and [tabletop|video]-gaming. Currently, I am teaching myself Javascript, both client-side and server-side with NodeJS and JQuery. I have also developed an interest in graph databases, specifically Neo4j and am the creator of Neo4jPHP.

I am also a big fan of agile development methods (though not Agile. I wanted to write a blog post about what I think the difference is, but this says it all.) Team dynamics and pushing teams to be high performing with as little effort or process as necessary fascinates me. It's great to study new agile techniques and be able to apply them on my teams.

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