Real-time Multi-player In-Browser Gaming: Air Hockey

I've been wanting to try my hand with nodejs for a while now, and have been trying to find time and a proper project. Recently, I was reading about the <canvas> HTML element, and started trying to think of a cool learning project for that as well. Joining the two technologies together to build a browser-based 2-player air hockey game seemed like just the balance of challenge and opportunity to learn that I was looking for.

The basic premise is to use canvas on the client side to render the state kept track of on the server side, with the server written in Javascript using nodejs. The client is also responsible for capturing player mouse movements and sending them to the server to update game state. Two players will be able to manipulate the same game board at the same time. Only the first two connections to the server are players; other connections can be made and will witness the same game as spectators.

To make things a bit more challenging, the two players should be allowed to be on different clients but still play in real-time. Websockets will allow the client and server to communicate without AJAX long-polling. A physics engine utilizing Box2D will keep track of the game state (actually, I'll be using my nodejs module port of Box2D box2dnode.)

I will be posting now and then on this project as I work on it, learn something interesting or change anything drastically. All source code for the project can be found at http://github.com/jadell/nodehockey. Note: you must have an HTML5 capable browser, like Chrome to run the client.

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