Funkatron's MicroPHP Manifesto

Just saw this over on @funkatron's blog:

The MicroPHP Manifesto:

I am a PHP developer
  • I am not a Zend Framework or Symfony or CakePHP developer
  • I think PHP is complicated enough

I like building small things
  • I like building small things with simple purposes
  • I like to make things that solve problems
  • I like building small things that work together to solve larger problems

I want less code, not more
  • I want to write less code, not more
  • I want to manage less code, not more
  • I want to support less code, not more
  • I need to justify every piece of code I add to a project

I like simple, readable code
  • I want to write code that is easily understood
  • I want code that is easily verifiable

I agree that there are "and-the-kitchen sink" frameworks out there that do too much. I also agree that having every developer re-invent the wheel is not the ideal situation. The main problem I see with the macro-frameworks is that they tend to not allow me to strip out their functionality and replace it with another library when I need to. I much prefer smaller libraries and components that I can mix and match if necessary. Isn't that the whole point of code re-use in the first place?

So maybe this isn't so much about huge frameworks being bad as it is that they should be built off small, interchangeable coponents? Wasn't there a call for more inter-operability a little while back?

Funkatron has made it pretty clear that these are his personal preferences, but that hasn't stopped the haters.

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