Neo4jPHP Available as a Composer Package

Neo4jPHP is now available as a Composer package. To use it in your project, create a "composer.json" file in the root of your project, with the following contents:
    "everyman/neo4jphp": "dev-master"
After installing Composer, run the following command in the root of the project:
> php composer.phar install
The Neo4jPHP library will be downloaded and installed in your project under "vendor/everyman/neo4jphp". An autoloader will be created at "vendor/autoload.php" which you should include in your project, then start using Neo4jPHP as normal:

$client = new Everyman\Neo4j\Client();
$node = $client->makeNode();
To get the latest version of Neo4jPHP, run:
> php composer.phar update

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