Neo4jPHP beta released

I've been working on a PHP client for the Neo4j REST API for little while. I think it's ready for some real-life testing. The beta version is available here: https://github.com/jadell/Neo4jPHP/tarball/0.0.1-beta

  • Developed against the Neo4j 1.4 milestone releases
  • Simple, object-oriented API
  • Almost complete REST API coverage
  • Indexing of nodes and relationships, including exact match and query support
  • Cypher queries (thanks to Jacob Hansson)
  • Traversal support, including paged traversals
  • Lazy-loading of node and relationship data

Hopefully coming soon:
  • Client-side caching
  • Batch operations

There are some usage examples included.

It's a beta release, so please be gentle (on me, that is; be as rough as you want with the code.) If anyone finds any bugs or has feature requests, please use the GitHub issues page.

Update 2011-07-08:I would be remiss if I didn't mention the other PHP Neo4j REST client available at https://github.com/tchaffee/Neo4J-REST-PHP-API-client. It is built for the current stable release of Neo4j 1.3.

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